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Kream Shop, 2016

Located in the heart of Nørrebro, multi Cultural and key location of Copenhagen. Kream offers mens streetwear and accessories in a multibrand concept.

In order to challenge the style and look of the various Stores in the neighbourhood, the layout of Kream Store became very minimal and bright combined with architectural lines. Sliding doors and walls create spacial divisions within the refined industrial narrowed space. Pigment coloured filling walls, gives a textural and diverse feel to the Store.

Creating a flexible space was one of the main task of the store due to various purposes from being a regular store to event and promoting space or for small views and installations. Different materials such as Elm wood, glass and metal gives the space a contemporary feel.

Kream Store won the price for “Best Interior” 2016.


Photo Credit: Claus Troelsgaard. Kream: Elmegade, 2200 Copenhagen N.

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